Selection Timeline

Coming Soon

·       Rosters for all age groups will be created based on player evaluations.

·       All players/parents will be contacted via the email provided on the tryout form to inform them of the IGFA team they have been selected for or if the number of players doesn’t support a team at this point.

·       Selected players will be required to communicate back to the IGFA that they will be participating in the IGFA via the IGFA email address at

·       Any adjustments to rosters due to players opting to not participate in the IGFA will be made.

·       Rosters will be made available through the IGFA website.

·       $200 commitment fee will be due from all selected players/parents to the same address that the tryout forms were mailed to. This money will be applied towards the IGFA yearly fee and will reserve a spot on the IGFA roster. This money will be used to cover any uniform expenses and fall fees.

·       Remaining balance of yearly fee will be due to the IGFA.